Plum Wine Preservation System

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Plum preserves wine for 90 days at the exact temperature the winemaker intended.

Plum’s motorized needle pierces the foil and closure, preserving your wine with argon gas.

An integrated, refillable argon canister preserves up to 150 bottles.

Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle of wine with any closure, including natural cork, engineered cork, and metal screw caps.


Plum boasts a “virtual sommelier” that educates you about your wine.

Plum automatically identifies the vintage, varietal, region and winery, displaying the label on the touchscreen to create a virtual tasting room to explore.


Designed with classic winemaking and modern aesthetics in mind, Plum looks as great as it performs.

Winery-Grade Materials
Plum’s stainless-steel tubing is modeled after those found in wineries, to preserve the integrity of the wine.

Plum’s brushed stainless steel shell gives it a timeless look, complements other appliances and works well with any room design.


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